PropertyPlus Basket Function

PropertyPlus Basket Function

The Basket Function on PropertyPlus is a new feature that allows multiple actions to be progressed at any one time across single or multiple properties.

The Basket Function is easily visible on the PropertyPlus dashboard and actions can be added to the basket quickly and simply.


The main features of the basket include:

  • Select and group multiple actions
  • Progress and manage several actions at any time
  • Allocate multiple tasks to contractors
  • Request information from multiple contractors
  • Send quote requests to several contractors at the same time
  • Generate purchase orders quickly for single or multiple actions

Benefits of the basket include:

  • Ability to process multiple actions
  • Reduced time in progressing actions
  • Allows best practices to be implemented (gaining 3 quotes for work etc)
  • Ensures competitive pricing from contractors

Communication Tab

In addition to the Basket Function, the Communication Tab is another new function within PropertyPlus.

The Communication Tab will log all emails sent from the system relating to each specific action. These can then be recorded and viewed in the Action Popup Window.

Benefits of the Communication Tab:

  • Easy to identify current status of an action
  • Provides a full history and auditable track record of communications


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