Premium Modules

Management Reporting


This is a powerful feature of PropertyPlus allowing Senior Management to observe their company risk profile and compliance status in either graphical or tabular forms.

By neatly focusing on four key areas of risk performance comparison, namely Regional Office, Owner/Portfolio, Personnel and Property; the system allows the user to compare compliance scores, risk analysis and progress.


Management Reporting

Accident Reporting


The Accident Reporting Module allows you to log accidents and if necessary report them to RIDDOR.

You can add all relevant details of an accident including uploading photos and witness statements.

You can use the accident record wizard to assist you to log all the information and then report it to RIDDOR if necessary.


Super User Module


The Super User Module allows you to add new users to PropertyPlus so they can have access to portfolios, regions and properties relevant to their role.

You can also grant users access to all stakeholders i.e. clients, enforcing bodies and suppliers etc. to the different modules on PropertyPlus.


Permission to Access


The Permission To Access Module allows you to issue Permission to Access forms to contractors via email setting out the job description, working hours and specific places they can access. The contractor can then open the email, fill out the form and signing to say they agree to the terms and conditions of the job.

The contractor then receives an email, clicks the link provided and fills out the form.

When they click “save and submit to the client” at the bottom of the form, this sends the form back to PropertyPlus fully completed.


Audit Module


Whether you are a property owner, a managing agent or an employer, regular site audits are required to identify any potential hazards or defects that could give rise to an accident or incident on site.

A robust audit regime can be used to demonstrate due diligence and can assist in defending insurance claims as well as providing a proactive means of managing health and safety on site.

Alcumus SM&MS have developed a stand-alone PropertyPlus Audit Module that allows you to build an audit report bespoke to your needs.

The audit form can be completed electronically on site using handheld devices. The completed form can then be saved into the PropertyPlus system that will allow you to report on trends and issues across individual sites or portfolios of properties.

Any actions arising from the audit can be input into PropertyPlus enabling you to manage and complete actions on the system in the usual way.

The Audit Module allows you to provide a full audit trail of activity to demonstrate proactive management and compliance to all stakeholders including health and safety enforcement, clients, insurers and senior management.


Audit Module